Apply for a Car Loan

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you sending my application to a local dealer?

Most banks, finance companies, and credit unions will only loan money for a car or truck when there is a dealer involved. This is called an indirect loan. The dealer is there to "structure" the sale of the car to you. The dealer collects all of the necessary paperwork that the lender may need and then sends that information to the lender. Remember, more than 80 percent of the people buying cars today go through this indirect process. We only work with the best dealers in your area to ensure a pleasurable experience.

I do not have excellent credit. How can Auto loan .com help?

Almost 80 percent of all adults have at least one black mark on their credit report. If you do not qualify for a direct loan, our national dealership network can help provide you with a new car loan, a used car loan, or a lease on a new or used vehicle

I need a second car with a low monthly payment. Can I get a second auto loan?

Yes. We offer second vehicle auto financing at the same time.

What's the interest rate on your car loans?

Your interest rate is influenced by several factors:

  • if it's a new car loan or a used car loan,
  • the amount of your down payment,
  • your credit history
  • and the term of your loan.

Our online auto loan application takes about 60 seconds to complete.