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The first step when buying a car is to secure financing for the vehicle. Often times when you begin the car buying process at a local car lot, the first question is, "how will you be paying for the vehicle". If you already have an auto loan, you'll be in charge of the vehicles you test drive. We're here to help you get the best vehicle in your price range, check out some of our favorite resources that do just that.

Educational Sites And Credit Repair

Auto Financing 101 by AWARE
Group dedicated to helping people avoid car loan ripoffs.

Online Credit Report Guide offers comprehensive credit information including credit reports, cards, loans and more.

Credit Repair Services - a Guide
Online services and resources to assist you in repairing your credit.

Auto Research

Used car values - The Kelley Blue Book rules.

New and used car values - From our favorite,

Portals, Blogs And Zines

All kinds of auto information via

All things automotive at

Ask Patty -- the definitive resource for women and auto buying.

Compare and Contrast

The Auto Loan Doctor


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